Miso soup: Asia’s hot dish

Miso soup: Asia’s hot dish

Even though we are still in the middle of summer, and recipes such as salads are still in season. Many of you are probably already looking forward to the autumn and winter season, when the cooler temperatures invite us to enjoy the traditional Asian soup once again. Known as miso soup, this dish is a staple on Japanese menus. It is served for breakfast, lunch or dinner and is always served with rice.

Easy to prepare and with multiple combinations, this nutritious miso soup is usually served in a black bowl so that you can enjoy its transparency and delight in the colours and shapes of its ingredients. The question is: do we know how to prepare this dish? This month, in our blog, we show you how to do it in two ways. The quick version of our instant miso soups or the old-fashioned way with a step-by-step recipe.

We’ll start with the more time-consuming one:

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Step-by-step for a traditional miso soup.

The first thing to prepare is the soup stock, known as dashi or ichibandashi. To make this light-coloured liquid, we use kombu seaweed and dried bonito flakes.  You can skip this step by using instant dashi stock, which you can find in our shop. Continuing with the recipe, the second ingredient to include is miso. How is it prepared? We must combine the paste made from boiled soya beans, together with a little salt and the rice known as koji. The choice of koji will tell us whether we are preparing red, white or brown miso. Once we have the dashi broth and miso ready, all we need are dried wakame seaweed, soft tofu and spring onions as ingredients, and that’s it! Let’s cook it as if it were a homemade soup.

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Instant miso soup
Many of us have little time for cooking, but this is not a reason to stop enjoying the dishes we love the most. For this reason, at Oriental Market we offer everyone a careful selection of instant miso soups from the best brands in Asia.

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Specifically we can find:
  • From the brand HIKARI MISO we have the instant miso soups with clam and wakame flavour, in 130-180 g format. Ready to eat liquid soups. But for this brand, these soups are not the only ones. Among its complete range we can also find soft miso soup, miso and vegetable soup, wakame soup, red miso soup, white miso soup and spicy miso soup.
  • From the S&B brand we also have instant soups such as red miso soup, white miso soup and spicy miso soup. The content of this range, however, is lower than the previous one.

In addition, an excellent option is to complete this delicious recipe with instant noodles or noodles that add more content to our miso soup. A good alternative is OYAKATA noodles, although you can find many other options in our shop. And remember, white miso is always the mildest variety and therefore the most consumed in Japan, followed by red and black miso, which are more intense. Bon appetit!

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