Best Japanese restaurants in Malaga

Best Japanese restaurants in Malaga

Malaga, an Andalusian coastal city, now also combines its Mediterranean culture and gastronomy with Japanese philosophy and ethics. An increasing number of Asian restaurants are making a name for themselves in the Andalusian capital. Food such as rice, sushi, ramen, mochis, among other dishes, combine perfectly with the typical tapas or Spanish wine. The landscape is transformed to offer a modern fusion of two cultures with a long history.

Japanese cuisine has won a place in the hearts of the people of Malaga, so much so that here are the best restaurants in the city.

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List of the best Japanese restaurants in Malaga

Japanese fusion and local gastronomy:La Sole del Pimpi

Zegri Street, 4 Jardines Alcazabilla
Telephone: 952 22 89 90

A place where everyone repeats! La Sole del Pimpi, a restaurant located in the hustle and bustle of Malaga, prepares its dishes following the Japanese tradition, adding little touches of Mediterranean gastronomy. Once inside, let yourself be advised by Marcelo and Miguel, La Sole’s waiters, their recommendations never go unnoticed among customers and the treatment is unbeatable. The restaurant is also available for business dinners, events and birthdays. Come to La Sole and enjoy exquisite cuisine: red tuna tataki, Andalusian tartar, Malagueta prawns, futomaki crocanti, almadraba nigiri, tempura del Guadalhorce and much more!

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Traditional Japanese tavern: Sake Izakaya

San Juan de Letrán, 4
Telephone: 611 450 445

In the centre of the capital you will find one of the most traditional Japanese restaurants… Sake Izakaya! Come and visit it at its new location: San Juan de Letrán, number 4. The tavern, inspired by the Japanese country, cooks all kinds of dishes, but we especially recommend: house salmon, sake, Iberian prey, miso soup, pumpkin tempura, sea bass, tuna tataki… Enjoy this gastronomic experience with fresh products at the best quality. In Sake Izakaya they are experts in fish and in their technique and elaboration, they get the maximum flavour of each food to delight your palate.

Sensitivity to Japanese cuisine: Takumi

Mundo Nuevo Street, 4
Telephone: 952 06 00 79

Did you know that the restaurant has been awarded a Michelin Dish for its quality cuisine? Moreover, it is called Ta-Kumi because of its meaning: “artisan” and “master”. These words refer to the spirit of the place and the union of the chefs, Toshio and Álvaro (TA), in a single team (KUMI). Their dishes are prepared under the guidelines of Japanese gastronomy, you can find: egg nigiri, urta sashimi, truffle or scallop nigiri, butterfish teppan yaki, salmon temaki, among other delicacies! The price is high, but the place requires it, due to its technique and quality raw materials.

For sushi lovers: Restaurante Haruki

Avenue Pries, 4
Telephone: 951 95 50 76

Explosion of flavours! Haruki restaurant manages to create a Japanese atmosphere in the city of Malaga. It takes care of every detail, from the decoration to the plating, to offer the best experience. Haruki’s food takes you to the incredible gastronomy of Japan, where you can try all kinds of dishes: tuna tataki, gyozas, different uramakis, eel bao, pumpkin roll, massaman curry, as well as dessert, especially mochi or green tea ice cream cake, among many other combinations… Its impeccable presentation and passion for sushi will leave you wanting more!

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Chill atmosphere: Sibuya Urban Sushi Bar Málaga

Granada Street, 36
Telephone: 951 55 00 55

Do you want to disconnect from reality? Then don’t hesitate to enter Sibuya Urban Sushi Bar! The restaurant, known as “peaceful place”, combines Japanese technique with avant-garde innovation. Its dishes reflect this desire to modernise Japanese cuisine, whether it’s Rock and Roll, Sibuya Flamed, Sibuya Roll, Gunkan Lovers or Duo Avocate… You can enjoy this gastronomy in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Sibuya’s main goal is for its customers to recharge their batteries while sharing delicious sushi!

Specialising in ramen: Kosei & Lova

Carretería Street, 56
Telephone: 952 75 63 61

For ramen lovers… This is your place! Kosei & Lova offers one of the best ramen in Malaga. You can enjoy different types: Tantanmen, containing chicken, pork and sesame based broth, intense but spicy flavour; Shoyu Ramen, chicken and fish based broth, mild and light, one of the oldest ramens in Japan; Miso Ramen, chicken and miso based broth, typical in the north; Tsukemen, a dish with different toppings and finally; Mazesoba, ramen noodles with assorted vegetables, poached egg and negi miso sauce, option with meat. All these delicious dishes are available at kosei & Lova. What are you waiting for to fall for the best ramen in town?

Innovative sushi: Restaurante Asako

Avenue Plutarco, 42
Telephone: 952 21 40 60

Crispy salmon lasagna, butterfish nigiri flambéed with truffle? The Asako restaurant is constantly innovating, offering its customers a wide variety of dishes: uramaki spicy maguro, brown sugar flambé, gunkan hotategai, flambéed scallop nigiri with Japanese bilbaína, among other specialities. Restaurant with ambient music, spacious and with the option of a terrace. It never ceases to surprise with its new flavours and recommendations. If you want a new experience with fusion cuisine, don’t hesitate to book a place at Asako.

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Japanese cuisine is gaining fame in all cultures, nowadays having udon for dinner or rice with seaweed for breakfast is the order of the day. In Oriental Market we sell products such as: Japanese seaweed, sake, soy sauce, mochis, teriyaki sauce… directly to many restaurants in Malaga. Our products are imported from Japan and you can buy them in our online shop. Surprise your friends cooking uramakis with Oriental Market ingredients.

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