Japanese cuisine

Azuki beans: from Japan to your table

A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet is already a trend. Food is one of the sectors that does not escape from fashions and, for this reason, some foods are becoming the claim of the diets of the moment. Avocado, quinoa, chia or turmeric are some of the ingredients that… Read more

Japanese dango: What is it and how to eat it?

Manga, anime and Japanese culture are becoming more and more popular, which has led to their cuisine becoming better known internationally. This is not only true for savoury dishes, but also for sweet dishes. Surely names like mochi or dorayaki ring a bell, right? Today, however, we are going to… Read more

Discover daifuku and all its varieties

Mochi is one of the few lucky Japanese sweets that is known in the West. Although we love sushi, ramen and yakisoba, the truth is that Japanese pastries are still largely unknown in the western part of the world. However, mochi has managed to arouse great curiosity among Japanese food… Read more

Teppanyaki: all about the Japanese grill

You may not be familiar with the term teppanyaki. It sounds like some Asian dish with a strange name, doesn’t it? Well, actually, the word means something simpler than it sounds and something you’re probably very familiar with. To put it very simply, teppanyaki is nothing more than cooking food… Read more

Gyoza, the Japanese dumpling

Empanadillas are one of the star dishes of Spanish gastronomy. A dish that can become a small tapa or side dish, or a simple but tasty main course. However, although the filling for empanadillas can be very varied, we always end up using the same ones: tuna, meat, chicken, perhaps… Read more

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