Japanese cuisine

Enoki: what they are, how to use them and health benefits

setas enoki

The enoki is a type of mushroom originating in Japan, also known by such suggestive names as velvet foot, golden needle or winter mushroom, although its real name is Flammulina velutipes, and it stands out for its flavour and unmistakable characteristics. It is a thin, white, elongated mushroom, very popular… Read more

Furikake: what it is, how to use it and where to buy it

Furikake condimento japonés

Many Japanese ingredients and recipes have been successfully introduced into Western cuisine, such as sushi, sukiyaki and soy sauce. However, Japanese cuisine hides other lesser-known gastronomic treasures, such as furikake, one of the most widely used condiments in the Land of the Rising Sun. Although its origin is relatively recent,… Read more

Best Japanese restaurants in Malaga

Malaga, an Andalusian coastal city, now also combines its Mediterranean culture and gastronomy with Japanese philosophy and ethics. An increasing number of Asian restaurants are making a name for themselves in the Andalusian capital. Food such as rice, sushi, ramen, mochis, among other dishes, combine perfectly with the typical tapas… Read more

Benefits of miso soup

After the holidays and the eternal New Year’s Eve meals, one of the most mentioned resolutions for 2022 is to keep in shape and start a healthy diet. That’s why, from Oriental Market, we bring you the Asian detox solution to achieve it: miso soup. The main characteristic of Asian… Read more

Best Japanese restaurants in Murcia

Murcia is also jumping on the bandwagon! The interest and passion for Japanese culture has a place in the city of Murcia. Many restaurants have made a place at the table for nigiris, makis, tartares, mochis and other irresistible dishes! The baroque architecture and its avant-garde movement combine in perfect… Read more

Best Japanese restaurants in Zaragoza

Aragon has not been spared the boom in Japanese gastronomy in Spain either. Its capital, Zaragoza, is home to numerous options in its streets where you can sample the most outstanding relics of Japanese cuisine. Ramen, sushi, tartar, gyozas, bao…. The best Japanese dishes prepared with the best Aragonese produce,… Read more

Best Japanese restaurants in Seville

Seville is one of Spain’s cultural treasures. But its richness is not only reflected in the beauty of its monuments, but also in its gastronomy. The Andalusian province has a very extensive gastronomic offer, which is not only limited to the traditional Spanish tapas. Japanese restaurants abound in the city… Read more

Typical Japanese food

Japanese cuisine is one of the richest in history and culture. It also features a wide variety of foods ranging from rice, vegetables and meat to the sweetest and most delicious sauces. Ingredients whose combination has given rise to a long list of dishes with many years of tradition that… Read more

Best japanese restaurants in Valencia

Although when we think of the gastronomy of “la terreta” we automatically think of a succulent paella, the truth is that the culinary offer that we can find in Valencia is very varied, and one of the most outstanding is, without a doubt, Japanese. Ramen, sushi, mochis, meat, yakisoba, udon…… Read more

The premium taste of Japan

In Oriental Market … we have news! We are talking about two new premium brands of products for Japanese cuisine: S&B and OTAFUKU. On the shelves of our official shops in Madrid and Barcelona, as well as in our online shop, you can find a wide range of quality products… Read more

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