Japanese cuisine

Sushi to take away in Barcelona (take away)

The current situation, due to the pandemic, has led to a boom in take-away food. Take-away has become particularly important due to the impossibility of being able to go to restaurants to eat. Asian food, especially sushi, is one of the most popular options among consumers and, for this reason,… Read more

What is udon? Origins and recipes

Along with their cousins yakisoba and ramen, Udon noodles are one of the most popular dishes in Japan. This dish is so fundamental in Japanese cuisine because of its many possibilities and combinations: they can be prepared cold, hot, with broth, without broth… In addition, their width and thickness give… Read more

Umami: what it is, food and where to buy it

Sweet, salty, bitter, sour… Surely your taste buds have no trouble recognising and differentiating these flavours. But what if they told you that there was a fifth taste, and that it is present in many of the foods we eat? This powerful but unknown taste is umami. If you still… Read more

Wagyu, the best meat in the world

It may sound a little pretentious, but yes, Wagyu is the gourmet meat among meats. Wagyu is the most sophisticated and revered type of meat in Japanese cuisine due to its unique flavour, juiciness and textural characteristics that argue why it is one of the most sought-after meats on the… Read more

What are wagashi? Origin, history and how to serve them

Japanese confectionery culture is characterised by its ability to stimulate all five senses. The traditional pastries are so elegant and refined that they look more like miniature works of art than sweets. The wagashi encompasses all those traditional cakes that used to accompany tea ceremonies. Today we invite you to… Read more

Shiso in Japanese cuisine

Also known as Japanese basil, shiso has been used for years to flavour Asian cuisine. The infinite variety of flavours and nuances offered by its leaves will allow you to give another life to your dishes, whether as a garnish, ingredient or seasoning. Furthermore, shiso is not only popular in… Read more

Azuki beans: from Japan to your table

A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet is already a trend. Food is one of the sectors that does not escape from fashions and, for this reason, some foods are becoming the claim of the diets of the moment. Avocado, quinoa, chia or turmeric are some of the ingredients that… Read more

Japanese dango: What is it and how to eat it?

Manga, anime and Japanese culture are becoming more and more popular, which has led to their cuisine becoming better known internationally. This is not only true for savoury dishes, but also for sweet dishes. Surely names like mochi or dorayaki ring a bell, right? Today, however, we are going to… Read more

Discover daifuku and all its varieties

Mochi is one of the few lucky Japanese sweets that is known in the West. Although we love sushi, ramen and yakisoba, the truth is that Japanese pastries are still largely unknown in the western part of the world. However, mochi has managed to arouse great curiosity among Japanese food… Read more

Teppanyaki: all about the Japanese grill

You may not be familiar with the term teppanyaki. It sounds like some Asian dish with a strange name, doesn’t it? Well, actually, the word means something simpler than it sounds and something you’re probably very familiar with. To put it very simply, teppanyaki is nothing more than cooking food… Read more

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