New noodle and ramen cooker

New noodle and ramen cooker

In the last year, noodles and ramen (the Japanese version of Chinese noodle soup) have become the go-to dishes for those looking to add an exotic, easy-to-prepare and delicious dish to their menus. More and more noodle addicts are becoming noodle addicts, just as more and more outlets and restaurants are offering this type of original Japanese recipe.

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In order to facilitate its preparation in these spaces, the Oriental Market Group, the main importer of Asian products in our country and specialist in machinery and oriental cooking utensils for the Horeca channel, is pleased to present its first “Oriental Pasta Cooker”. A practical industrial machine that allows you to prepare noodles and ramen, Japanese products, as well as other types of pasta, in a faster and more effective way. A solution to the problems of time in the kitchen and that speeds up its preparation.

Oriental Market currently offers its customers 2 models of cooker: one with 6.6 kW and the other with 10 kW of power. Both with different types of customised accessories such as round stainless steel baskets of 150 mm each (up to x baskets can be included). A tidy arrangement for easy serving of customised portions. Both cookers come with a 1 year guarantee and a maximum 24/48 hour repair service.

There is a third superior model of cooker that incorporates an automatic elevator, that is to say, each of the baskets is lifted automatically when it detects that the pasta has finished cooking. All the cookers include a head with 4 timers, a wheel kit for easy adaptation to the kitchen and a rear supplement with a levelled tap.

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You can already find one of the first models in our online shop here. But if you want more information about our other models, remember that you can call directly to our customer service phone number and we will be happy to help you in everything you need.


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