Welcome to Oriental Market

Welcome to Oriental Market

We have been waiting for this moment for a long time and finally the big day has arrived. It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to our new blog and new website. Because from this very moment, we are no longer Iberochina Group, we are Oriental Market.

A few months ago, in April 2015, all the people who are part of this company decided to set course towards a new horizon. And this horizon was a new brand image. The main objective was to rebuild the branding and for this to be possible it was extremely important to define a naming that would fit the service that the company currently offers to its more than 5,000 customers in Spain, Portugal and Andorra.

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Quality, efficiency and safety are the main values of our company. Because we work with the main brands in Asia, we have a professional team that offers tailor-made solutions in a very short time, and safety, because our products strictly comply with the established food safety guidelines to take care of the health and nutrition of any person at all times. But if there is one thing that defines us, it is our speciality: we are the number one importer of food and non-food products from Asia. And when we talk about Asia, we are not only referring to China, but to more than 14 Asian countries where all our products come from. These principles are the ones that lead us to build a new brand and that today we define as “Oriental Market”.

  Made-to-measure slate tableware

Since we started in Spain in 1987 to provide service to customers (private individuals, distribution and catering), many have placed their trust in us and more and more of them recognise our products as essential in their kitchens. Because we look for the solution that best suits each customer and we offer a consultancy service on oriental gastronomy that many of them receive with gratitude. Oriental and original flavours and aromas, complemented by an excellent collection of premium tableware and kitchen utensils for the preparation of any recipe. All these products can be found in our online shop.

Thanks to this new brand “Oriental Market” we have achieved the objective of repositioning the brand from being a “company that imports products from China” to a “company that imports quality products from Asia”. Part of this change can be seen in our new logo where Iberochina Group has been replaced by Oriental Market. However, we maintain our base line, “everything from the East to the West”, which reinforces our commitment to importing products from a wide variety of Asian countries. In addition, during these months, we have also worked on the company’s entire architecture. A project that goes from the brand itself, to the redesign of the website, positioning, signage, graphic material, logistics, communication, etc.

Oriental Market continues to grow and continues to work every day for all its customers. Because the main objective is their satisfaction in finding the product they needed for their professional success and that guarantees the quality of their product. If you want to know more about us, you can visit the About us” e “History”. and sections.

  Oriental Market at #CITA2015 with premium sakes

That’s all. Here we say goodbye. This is your home. Welcome to the Orient.

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