A 100% oriental Christmas

A 100% oriental Christmas

This year, at Oriental Market we propose you to experience a different kind of holiday season. With family and friends as always, but with surprising flavours and aromas of Asian gastronomy. Because 2017 is a year of change and we want everyone to have the opportunity to start it in a special way. If you want to enjoy a Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve dinner with an oriental touch, here is the shopping list of your must-haves:

  1. THE TOAST OF THE FESTIVE SEASON IS CALLED CAMPEI! Gone is the well-known chinchin to welcome the oriental toast: “campei”. And for this, Oriental Market offers you a selection of the best sakes in the world. Mild proposals to accompany the evening and also more intense ones for dessert. Top quality sakes such as the Tokusei Gold Dai Ginjo Sake, whose inside you can see golden petals. But it is not the only one, discover in our section of sakes all the varieties and formats available.
  2. TO START: APPETITIVES AND MISO SOUP Welcoming guests: one of the most intense moments of the evening, waiting to greet that family member or friend you’ve been longing for. A moment when we can present small appetizers on the table and offer a small preview of what is to come. Our favourite: nori seaweed snacks like this lacquered duck one. But it’s not the only one: shrimp snacks or ramen-flavoured snacks are also an excellent choice. Once the guests are at the table, it’s time to bring out the cauldrons and serve our first course. To warm up, there is nothing better than a good bowl of miso soup.
  3. TO CONTINUE: AN ASSORTMENT OF SUSHI and DIM SUM This is the moment everyone has been waiting for: we launch our sushi assortment. We recommend you to prepare several trays with different proposals and combined with appetizers ready to eat (dim sum, gyozas, spring rolls, etc.) that will liven up your meal. Our selection: for sushi you should not be without your basics (kitchen utensils) for the step-by-step instructions and ingredients (nori seaweed, sushi rice, topping to fill the sushi and your favourite complements: soy sauce, wasabi, mirin, etc.). You will find everything you need in our shop.
  4. TO FINISH: THE JAPANESE DESSERT Because at this precise moment we cannot forget a sweet touch that precedes the grapes and dried fruits that accompany the end of our dinner. And this is the moment when an excellent assortment of mochis come into their own. A dessert-ice-cream that will be the delight of young and old alike. And how can we change the traditional turrones, polvorones, dates and traditional neulas? In our shop you will find a very special selection: Philippine polvorones, green tea wafers, our fortune biscuits, red dates and even our Nikka Whisky (they’re sure to love it).


If we want to surprise our family or friends with a different kind of dinner, we can’t afford to be half-hearted. The final touch will be a good choice of tableware to accompany the table. What colours to choose? What elements do we need? Here is our selection of favourites that you are sure to love:

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  Made-to-measure slate tableware


First of all we must choose the table linen. A good choice is soft tones (white or cream) but also deep red or black. In this way we will give more prominence to the ingredients of oriental cuisine (characterised by their great colour). From there, we will choose the tableware that best suits: our favourite, the GLASSY collection, which stands out for its intense blue colour and brown ceramic tones. A very suggestive, elegant and striking proposal. But it is not the only one, go to our CUPBOARD section and choose the set you like the most. What should you not forget? The soup tureen, the plates (or trays) and bowls, the sake cups and jugs and the chopsticks.These are your basics.

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