Best Japanese restaurants in Murcia

Best Japanese restaurants in Murcia

Murcia is also jumping on the bandwagon! The interest and passion for Japanese culture has a place in the city of Murcia. Many restaurants have made a place at the table for nigiris, makis, tartares, mochis and other irresistible dishes! The baroque architecture and its avant-garde movement combine in perfect harmony with Asian cultures, in particular the Japanese, popular for their respect for the planet, generosity and honesty in their relationships. Japan’s mentality is here to stay, bringing added value to Western culture, fusing food, disciplines and leisure.

Here is a list of the most popular restaurants in the capital:

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List of the best Japanese restaurants in Murcia

Specialising in bluefin tuna: Enso Sushi

C. Sta. Teresa, 6
Telephone: 968 90 66 11

If you are a fish fanatic this is your place! Antonio Bernal, owner of Enso Sushi, brings to Murcia his love and passion for the Japanese country, specifically for its red tuna. He specialises in its execution and preparation, offering in his restaurant quality raw material, with a variety of more than 20 sashimi-style fish. The restaurant has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence between 2016 and 2019, an award achieved thanks to the more than 400 opinions rated as “excellent”. Its knowledge of Japanese culture and gastronomy makes Enso Sushi one of the most essential places in the capital to try its tuna tataki, salmon tartar or moriawase sashimi, among other dishes.

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For lovers of traditional sushi: Izakaya Okina

C. Andrés Baquero, 9
Telephone: 968 11 88 24

Ready for a Japanese experience? The Izakaya Okina restaurant takes care of all the details to make spectacular sushi. The dishes are great value for money. We recommend: tuna tartar, ramen, miso soup, octopus balls and bluefin tuna nigiri. A family-run place, ideal for enjoying the meticulous Japanese cuisine prepared by the chef, who has acquired his knowledge of Asian gastronomy on the spot. Izakaya Okina brings Japanese food to the capital to delight customers with flavours and textures originating in Japan.

Gastronomic elaborations: Kokoro Gastro Sushi

Av. de la Libertad, 6
Telephone: 868 07 70 00

Young restaurant, with values and climbing the steps? Kokoro Gastro Sushi is a personal project carried out by chef Álvaro Sevilla, and in just over two years it has become one of the best Japanese restaurants in the capital. They present their 4 essential pillars: raw material with exquisite quality, paying special attention to fish; they combine traditional and modern techniques; they fuse Japanese cuisine with Mediterranean, Peruvian, Chinese and Thai among others and finally, they want to convey to their customers the message and meaning of their cuisine. They bring to the table not only a dish, but also an experience, preparing meals from scratch, reinforcing the idea of Kokoro as a gastronomic restaurant.

Japanese technique and tradition: Kappou Makoto

C. Historiador Juan Torres Fontes, 20
Telephone: 627 65 67 67

Dexterity and skill in a single mouthful! Chef Makoto Himeno prepares each dish with Japanese technique and tradition, taking care of every detail and cooking with top quality fresh products. The experience lasts a couple of hours and consists of an 8-course surprise menu, although it can also vary in exceptional cases, the chef will have no qualms about adapting to the client’s needs. Kappou Makoto is a restaurant in high demand for its culinary precision, Makoto Himeno fuses different types of meat, rice, vegetables and fish to create traditional Japanese dishes. The place is small but cosy, decorated according to the guidelines of Asian culture.

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Green and innovative sushi: Green Sushi

C. Merced, 3
Telephone: 968 96 73 64

Sushi for everyone! Inexpensive, high quality and good service. Ideal for beginners as amateurs of Japanese food. Green Sushi is the trendy restaurant in Murcia, with a wide variety of dishes, although we recommend above all the eel sushi, nigiri with lime, gyoza gratin and tiramisu maki for dessert. They also play with the surprise factor, presenting dishes off the menu for those customers who want more! If you want to spend a quiet evening at home, no problem, Green Sushi has a great delivery service, ideal for birthdays, celebrations and events.

Unbeatable quality – unbeatable price: Terra Sushi Murcia

C. Navegante Juan Fernandez, 8
Telephone: 968 96 74 93

Do you want to eat good sushi at a low price? Then Terra Sushi Murcia is the place for you! In this restaurant you can try tuna temaki or spicy salmon, coconut mochi, salmon tartar with avocado, foie maki, butterfish sushi, truffle and many more… They also offer home delivery service with some special promotions up to 10%. A place with few tables but with a wide variety of dishes. They cook with very good quality fish at one of the best prices available.

Irresistible sensu rolls: Sensu sushi

Av. Juan Carlos I, S/n
Telephone: 674 97 19 35

A wide variety of dishes to choose from! At Sensu Sushi the pieces do not go unnoticed, it is suggested to taste the Asian combinations from the terrace or from the comfort of the interior of the restaurant. We recommend trying the sensu roll, the house speciality, as well as the most popular dishes: duck uramaki and sensu dragon. To delight the palate and accompany the food Sensu Sushi has an extensive wine list. Prices and personal attention are excellent. The chef always manages to create original pieces to leave you wanting more, so what are you waiting for?

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Murcia is another example of the popularity of Japanese cuisine. From Oriental Market, we supply many restaurants in Murcia with products such as sauces, sake, seaweed, mochis or miso, which come directly from 14 countries on the Asian continent and which you can find in our online shop so that you can enjoy all the flavour of the Orient without leaving home.

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