Best Japanese restaurants in Zaragoza

Best Japanese restaurants in Zaragoza

Aragon has not been spared the boom in Japanese gastronomy in Spain either. Its capital, Zaragoza, is home to numerous options in its streets where you can sample the most outstanding relics of Japanese cuisine. Ramen, sushi, tartar, gyozas, bao…. The best Japanese dishes prepared with the best Aragonese produce, can there be a better combination?

Here is a list of the 7 best restaurants that will make you travel to Japan through your taste buds.

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List of the best Japanese restaurants in Zaragoza

Mediterranean and Nikkei fusion: Uasabi

C. Cuatro de Agosto, 18, 50003
Telephone: 976 39 47 66

The Uasabi restaurant offers a unique menu fusing Nikkei cuisine with touches of Aragonese gastronomy. It has a sushi bar for more informal meals, where you can choose different tapas of the day prepared in the Japanese tradition. On the other hand, if you prefer to enjoy a more sophisticated evening in the capital, Usabi also offers a wide variety of top quality fresh dishes such as bull sashimi, Norwegian tuna or salmon, bluefin tuna tartar, prawns in panko or kabayaki eel.

A love story of Japanese culture: Ronin

C. José Sancho Arroyo, 14, 50002
Telephone: 648 48 70 92

Climbing the stairs! Ronin restaurant started as a humble project of Japanese cuisine in a house in Zaragoza. The owner prepared Japanese dishes for his friends, showing his appreciation and interest in the culture. Shortly after, he changed location to expand the business to what is now known as Restaurant Robin, exclusively for members, a place specialising in the gastronomy and culture of Japan, taking care of every detail in its preparation and service to offer a full experience in the Asian tradition.

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Japanese essence: Bokoto

C. Jerónimo Zurita, 19
Telephone: 976 79 44 05
A place with a Japanese soul… Every gesture counts, that’s why Bokoto is committed to the planet, being responsible for the environmental impact and ensuring the health and wellbeing of society. These values reflect the care and respect for everything that surrounds us, attributes that characterise the history and essence of Japan.

The restaurant has an extensive menu, with both traditional and innovative sushi, adapted to avant-garde cuisine. We recommend trying their fantastic tasting menu with typical Japanese dishes, without forgetting their surprising “sushi boxes”. Do you dare to open them?

Cocktails and sushi: Ginger Fizz Bar

C. Joaquín Costa, 16
Telephone: 672 722 332

Cocktails and sushi? there is no better combination! Ginger Fizz Bar, famous for its classic cocktails and mixed drinks, offers a unique experience with Japanese food. The menu offers a wide variety of top quality meat and rice dishes: toro or salmon tartares, poke to choose from, tuna ceviche, sea bass or sea bass sashimi, their famous dragon roll or ginger roll and for dessert fruit sashimi among other exquisite sweets. Ginger Fizz takes care of its interior, creating an elegant and quiet place decorated with an aesthetic focused on vegetation and play of lights ideal for enjoying a cool dinner in the capital.

A tavern that breathes innovation: Naoki

C. Miguel de Cervantes, 10
Telephone: 638 58 14 42

Naoki is a Japanese restaurant inspired by the typical Japanese taverns, also known as izakayas. However, they wanted to go a step further and give a 360º turn to the most traditional dishes. Thus, in their menu you will always find the best-known Asian recipes, but with a special and distinctive touch that shows the innovative character of the brand. Whether it is at home or on the premises, whatever the case, their combinations will not leave you indifferent.

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The best menus: The Bund meeting

C. Luces de la Ciudad, 25
Telephone: 976 05 14 14

The raison d’être of this restaurant is the fusion and combination of flavours and textures. However, the highlight of its menu is undoubtedly the daily set menus, which include numerous starters to share and all kinds of options to try, including vegan and vegetarian.

So, as its name says, El Encuentro, what better meeting could there be than to get together with your family or friends to share your passion for Japanese cuisine and culture?

Specialising in Ramen: Senbazuru

C. del Heroísmo, 39
Telephone: 876 950 231

Do you know the legend of Senbazuru? According to an old Japanese story, the person who manages to make a thousand paper cranes will get a wish that will grant him a crane. And this wish can be anything, such as surviving a deadly disease. Because of this story, cranes started to be considered as a symbol of peace, and that is why this restaurant decided to capture all this symbolism in its dishes.

Senbazuru is committed to homemade, local cuisine and the best quality products on the market. Although it is true that their speciality is ramen, they also offer all kinds of traditional Japanese dishes worthy of being served in the best izakayas in Japan.

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