Japanese cuisine

Alga wakame: Propiedades y recetas

Welcome one more week to the Oriental Market blog, we love to see your results cooking the recipes that we recommend in the blog. This week we wanted to dedicate the post to a food that comes from the sea, and although in Europe it is now very popular, in… Read more

Mirin: What it is, recipes and where to buy it

Welcome one more week to our #OrientalMarket Blog! If we think of condiments in Japanese cuisine, wasabi, soy sauce, or other similar ones will surely come to mind. However, there is one that we hardly ever hear about, but which is actually key in many of our favourite recipes. Do… Read more

Butterfish in fashion

If there is one fish that is currently causing a sensation in most Japanese restaurants, it is undoubtedly the butterfish. A fish that stands out – in general terms – for the white colour of its flesh, and a fatty, firm and delicate texture reminiscent of butter (hence its name),… Read more

Edamame: what it is, how to cook it, and its properties.

How are edamame cooked? Buy online What is Edamame? Origin and history Properties   How are edamame cooked? The truth is that the preparation of edamame is really simple: the green soybean pods are harvested before they ripen and the ends of the pods are cut off before boiling. Cooking… Read more

A basic: Japanese knives

When it’s time to start cooking, at Oriental Market we always have our Japanese knives at hand, a high-end selection already used by the best professionals of this particular cuisine in Spain. Although we must bear in mind that Japanese food requires a master technique and many years of experience,… Read more

Mung beans = Green soybeans

It is known as Green Soya, although it has nothing to do with soya, or as Mung Bean. Have you heard of it? It is a legume that you will probably see more frequently in many Western diets and menus. A healthy food that stands out for being one of… Read more

Kit for making sushi at home

Sushi is sought after, desired and praised by all. The authentic sushi, the one that allows us to delight ourselves with the authentic oriental flavours in every bite and that many of us have been able to enjoy in the best restaurants in our country… why not do it now… Read more

Japanese cuisine toppings

If there is one dish par excellence in Japanese cuisine with the largest number of followers worldwide, it is undoubtedly sushi. Nowadays in Spain, there are many lovers of this gastronomy who go to the best restaurants in our country to try different varieties of sushi, and there are also many… Read more

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