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When it’s time to start cooking, at Oriental Market we always have our Japanese knives at hand, a high-end selection already used by the best professionals of this particular cuisine in Spain. Although we must bear in mind that Japanese food requires a master technique and many years of experience, for all beginners and professionals it is important to know the characteristics of the main types of Japanese knives and what each of them is used for. Here we explain it to you:

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In Oriental Market we have a wide collection of professional knives that meet the requirements of haute cuisine. A Japanese knife that has its origins in the history of the traditional single-edged sword, the vast majority of which are made from steel:

  • Sashimi knife: also known as Yanagiba knife, it is a specific utensil for the preparation of sashimi. It is notable for cutting to the desired size and filleting the fish or meat in a single movement, thanks mainly to its thin blade in the shape of a willow or katana. A Japanese design knife ideal for cutting raw fish, with a clean and precise cut. In our shop you will find it in various sizes: 21 cm sashimi knife or 33 cm sashimi knife.
  • Nakiri knife: this is also a Japanese design knife, but it is different in that it is specialised in cutting vegetables. It stands out for its great lightness and its shape (similar to a machete), as well as for being sharp on both sides. A common knife that can also be found in the domestic sphere, easy to use and quick to cut. It is very similar to the Deba and Usuba models. In our shop you will find it in 31 cm format.
  • Deba knife: a Japanese knife for cutting, boning and filleting fish, but also for cutting meat and small bones. Similar in design to the Nakiri knife but heavier and with a thicker blade. It includes a sharp edge on one side. In our shop you will find it in different formats and designs: 13.5 cm deba knife, 16.5 cm silver design deba knife or the traditional fukumoto model.
  • Santoku knife: the “all-rounder” of Japanese kitchen knives. A multifunctional knife for everyday use that can be used for cutting meat, fish or vegetables. In our shop you will find various models of this type of knife: 18 cm santoku, 16.5 cm santoku or our 16.5 cm designer santoku.
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Don’t forget the special knives for cutting duck, such as our 31 cm knife, and don’t forget to sharpen them!

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