Best Japanese restaurants in Seville

Best Japanese restaurants in Seville

Seville is one of Spain’s cultural treasures. But its richness is not only reflected in the beauty of its monuments, but also in its gastronomy. The Andalusian province has a very extensive gastronomic offer, which is not only limited to the traditional Spanish tapas. Japanese restaurants abound in the city and will allow you, dish by dish, to travel to Japan itself. If you are passionate about chopsticks, here are the best options that you must try (yes or yes) in Seville.

For sushi lovers: You Sushi

C. Sta. María la Blanca, 23
Telephone: 954 52 22 82

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Diversity in the kitchen! The Japanese restaurant You Sushi, located in the historic centre of Seville, offers a wide range of sushi, ramen and starters. The menu offers different types of sushi: squid, octopus, omelette, red clam, tuna belly, shrimp, butterfish, salmon and cheese, sea bream, salmon roe and more… The starters range from seaweed and cucumber dressing, house salad, skewers, gyozas, fried cheese mix you to miso soup. Their dishes are varied and are prepared according to the rules of Japanese cuisine. They also have sushi mix menus for a practical and economical home delivery service.

Tasting menu: Kaede

C. Sta. María la Blanca, 32
Telephone: 954 22 09 88

The restaurant Kaede, a Japanese name meaning “maple leaf”, symbolises the values of the place: strong and unbreakable. The red colour of the leaves represents sincerity and enthusiasm towards customers. In addition, the restaurant is also located in the old town of Seville, a place with history and tradition. The menu combines the gastronomy of Japan and China with the culture of the West. The tasting menu starts with soy soup, followed by seaweed and cucumber salad, fried mini rolls, sushi and mixed sashimi and finally a choice of drink, dessert or coffee.

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Faithful to tradition: Miyabi

Calle Pirineos S/N Edificio Corona, local 1
Telephone: 954 37 35 18

Miyabi has great professionals in Japanese cuisine. The chef, with more than 20 years of experience, prepares traditional and elegant dishes from the capital of Seville. The menu features typical Japanese dishes: miso shiru, endame, sunomono, takoyaki, yakisoba, okonomiyaki, tuna tataki, gyozas, avocado sushi, omelette, beef with cheese, fried rice, flamed salmon, sea bream… At Miyabi you can enjoy this classic gastronomy and its culture in a typical Japanese décor.

Innovative sushi: Sibuya Sushi Bar

Albareda, 10
Telephone: 954 03 50 30

Ready to enter a “peaceful place”? Sibuya Sushi Bar is the ideal place to unwind and enjoy delicious sushi. The relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant helps guests to release the stress accumulated throughout the day and reconnect with themselves. Sibuya provides top quality ingredients to create unparalleled and daring dishes. Their innovative cuisine makes eating sushi an experience: flamed rolls, hot rolls, eel maki, veggie bao, sake sibuya, wakame salad, among other options that will leave you with your mouth open.

An explosion of flavours: Restaurante L.san

Calle Diego Angulo Íñiguez, 10
Telephone: 854 52 94 08

The best sushi speciality in a combination of flavours. The restaurant L. San opens its doors to the capital to offer traditional sushi, but with a touch of creativity in the pieces. The cosy and familiar atmosphere is ideal for tasting Asian food at the best quality-price ratio. They offer special products such as L. San sushi with violet rice or Valentine’s Day sushi, as well as a variety of other dishes such as: duck banbao, Japanese style ribs, chicken with teriyaki, beef with spicy sauce… and many more!

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Avant-garde Japanese gastronomy: Miss Sushi

C/ San Pablo, 20
Telephone: 955 549 328

80 unique proposals! Miss Sushi prepares high quality products fusing recipes and flavours to obtain the ideal dish. Red tuna from Barbate, Norwegian salmon and free-range chicken are some of the fresh ingredients used to create avant-garde Japanese cuisine. Their philosophy is based on solidarity and a firm commitment to the product and their customers. They break with all the clichés and democratise sushi to make it accessible to all budgets. They surprise with their capacity for innovation and creativity in the kitchen. You can enjoy a pleasant meal in a cosy, glamorous and urban atmosphere within everyone’s reach.

Top quality ingredients: Wasabi

C. Amor de Dios, 36
Telephone: 955 27 80 15

At the Wasabi restaurant they call themselves… Sushi lovers! Lovers of healthy and balanced Japanese food. They want to popularise sushi with a wide variety in their menu, always cooking with top quality ingredients, fresh and handmade products, representing Japanese culture and cuisine. They offer vegetarian menus, gluten-free menus, special uramakis, temakis, Japanese salads, mochis, gunkan, various tartares… More than a job, it is a ritual to prepare all the pieces and dishes following the method learned from Japanese chefs.

Japanese cuisine has been experiencing a boom in recent years and more and more people are taking up the challenge of cooking their favourite dishes at home. Oriental Market is the main importer of Asian products in Spain and sells many products to Japanese restaurants, which you can also buy in the online shop so that your dishes breathe all the aromas of Japan.

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