Japanese cuisine

Japanese Sencha green tea

Sencha tea is of Japanese origin, widely consumed in our country and with many benefits and properties. This green tea is usually drunk hot during the coldest months of the year, while during the summer months it is usually drunk cold. Here are some of the most outstanding benefits of… Read more

Matcha Latte

The latest trendy drink comes from Japan! Lowers cholesterol, detoxifies and reduces stress. INGREDIENTS: 1 cup brown rice milk (used because it is naturally sweet and the consistency is great for the drink). 1/2 teaspoon matcha powder Optional: 1 teaspoon honey METHOD: Simply start by blending the milk and matcha, then… Read more

Green tea: what it is and its benefits

What is green tea? Online Shop Benefits of green tea Composition Matcha tea   What is green tea? Like other varieties of tea, green tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant, but differs from other teas in that it does not undergo a fermentation process before it can be consumed.… Read more

New Japanese Rice for Sushi

This week in our blog we present you the new packaging for the new Japanese rice of the brand Sushi King from Oriental Market. New pack in 1 kilo format. Rice is the secret of the success of a good sushi, for this reason a different type of rice is used to… Read more

About Sayuri Nigori, Hakutsuru Sake

sake is one of the most widely consumed drinks in the world. It is a traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage (of various strengths) made from fermented rice. Therefore, we could say that rice is the main protagonist of sake . For the elaboration of the drink, the rice grain is polished… Read more

Okonomiyaki: what it is, origin, recipe and how to buy ingredients

One of the classic Japanese street-food dishes that is gaining more and more followers among Spanish and European diners is okonomiyaki. In fact, most Japanese establishments include a variety of okonomiyaki in their list of dishes, and even the most distinguished restaurants have included it in their menus, making it… Read more

Alga wakame: Propiedades y recetas

Welcome one more week to the Oriental Market blog, we love to see your results cooking the recipes that we recommend in the blog. This week we wanted to dedicate the post to a food that comes from the sea, and although in Europe it is now very popular, in… Read more

Mirin: What it is, recipes and where to buy it

Welcome one more week to our #OrientalMarket Blog! If we think of condiments in Japanese cuisine, wasabi, soy sauce, or other similar ones will surely come to mind. However, there is one that we hardly ever hear about, but which is actually key in many of our favourite recipes. Do… Read more

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