About Sayuri Nigori, Hakutsuru Sake

About Sayuri Nigori, Hakutsuru Sake

sake is one of the most widely consumed drinks in the world. It is a traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage (of various strengths) made from fermented rice. Therefore, we could say that rice is the main protagonist of sake . For the elaboration of the drink, the rice grain is polished and depending on this grade we will be talking about different types of sake :

  • Honjozo (with added alcohol)
  • Junmai (pure rice sake)
  • Ginjo (premium sake)
  • Junmai Ginjo (premium pure rice sake)
  • Daiginjo (superpremium)
  • Junami Daiginjo (pure rice sake and also superpremium)
  • finally Futsushu (regular)

In Oriental Market we have a wide collection of premium sake among which we highlight for example the Hakutsuru brewery, number 1 in sake sales worldwide.

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We are going to focus on the sake of the exposed photograph. It is a Japanese  Sake from the Hakutsuru winery. (Content: 720 ml)

Going deeper into the name of the Sake, SAYURI means “a small lily”, which reminds us of the delicate image of Japanese culture. Actually, the word “yuri”, or “lily”, has the floral meaning of “chastity” and “innocence”, and is also used as a name for Japanese girls and women. The Hakutsuru winery, using only selected rice and rice koji, this is pure Nigori sake carefully brewed with Rokko’s natural water.

Discover the elegant side of unfiltered junmai sake with this bottle of Sayuri nigori sake. A sake that stands out for its cloudy colour (due to the fact that it has not been filtered) and should always be shaken before serving at the table. Carefully brewed using natural spring water from Mount Rokko, this creamy nigori sake is coarsely filtered using a mesh that preserves its aroma, natural sweetness and smooth aftertaste. Best enjoyed chilled.

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