Japanese cuisine

Instant moments, Instant noodles

At work, in the park, alone or in company? Enjoying some freshly made noodles can now be more comfortable, easier and more fun. The culprit? A Japanese and New York fashion that millions of oriental food addicts have already signed up for and which allows you to enjoy top quality… Read more

Healthy snacks with a taste of Japan!

With the arrival of high temperatures and the arrival of beach or pool days, the now historically known Operation Bikini is on the rise. Who among you has already started it? Although there is still a great majority of people who wait until the last minute, there are more and… Read more

Gastroculture: Cupnoodles Museum

If last week we talked about Noodles as a gastronomic trend on the rise, as well as the great diversity of products and varieties that exist around them, on this occasion we did not want to miss the opportunity to talk about the Official Museum of this recipe: the Cupnoodles… Read more

A hot miso soup

With this cold weather, all we can think about is: What would I give for a nice, hot soup! And when the temperatures take us by surprise, we flee from the fridge to be near the cooker in our kitchen and prepare recipes like the one we propose this week.… Read more

Do you already know what konjac is?

We had already talked about it on our Facebook page, but we had never gone into so much detail. This week we want to tell you why Konjac is becoming one of the trendiest ingredients in oriental cuisine, what is its origin, what are its main advantages and nutritional benefits… Read more

Today I’m cooking with Oriental Market

We organised an event/workshop with bloggers on Wednesday 11 February in the gastronomic space of La Patente. A workshop aimed at mommy bloggers and their children in order to teach, from the hand of the cook Àngels, a full menu of oriental recipes that children can also enjoy. Do you… Read more

Any red? Yes, please

At last we can say that bluefin tuna has finally made its way into the kitchens of our country, and it is here to stay. Many restaurants (not only specific to Asian cuisine) have already included it on their menus and are working with it to create delicatessen recipes that… Read more

7-spice dressing!

This week we would like to talk about Shichimi Togarashi, the Japanese seven-spice seasoning. Perhaps many of you are not familiar with it, and that is why we wanted to dedicate this article to talk about this condiment that is widely used in Japanese cuisine. If you like spicy flavours,… Read more

Temaki! Nori seaweed cones

So far, on the Oriental Market blog, we have often talked about a well-known and widely used ingredient in Japanese cuisine: nori seaweed. In some of our previous articles, we had talked about this seaweed as an essential ingredient in the preparation of classic sushi or recipes such as “Tuna… Read more

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