How to cook with a Wok

How to cook with a Wok

We thought it was a tool only for oriental cooking, but now more and more people have a Wok in their kitchens alongside their own Western frying pans and pots. The Wok has become a basic tool for healthy cooking in just a few minutes. Would you like to know more about its history, advantages and expert advice for its daily use? Take note…

Some say that the Wok is the mother of all frying pans and what nobody doubts is that simple and healthy cooking gains a lot of points when it uses a Wok. Its main attribute is that it helps to shorten the cooking time of food and therefore helps it to retain its flavour and properties better. But first of all, let’s get to know the origin of this utensil.

Some Chinese historians claim that the Wok first appeared more than two thousand years ago. It was an anonymous genius who came up with the idea of creating a utensil that made it possible to cook very different dishes with very little oil, while at the same time preserving the original flavour of the food. Its use in oriental gastronomy was essential and when the western world learned about the technique, they did not hesitate to use it in their daily lives.

Cooking in a wok in a quick and easy way

The success of the wok lies in its simplicity, as no knowledge is required to cook with it. All you need to do is keep it on a good flame, add a little oil and add the ingredients. It is advisable to have all the ingredients cut up by hand, as it should not be forgotten that cooking takes a matter of minutes. It is important to stir the ingredients constantly with a spatula or, if you prefer, to sauté them with dry wok movements. This allows the cooking time to be shorter and the pores of the ingredients to close quickly. Although it seems simple to use a wok, there are few restaurants that can boast of cooking a good wok, check out the best restaurants where you can cook in a wok.

Many define the wok as a utensil halfway between a frying pan and a pot, as we can cook all kinds of ingredients in it: courgettes, carrots, onions, aubergines, spinach, strips of meat, pasta, shrimps, fish, etc. It is ideal for stir-frying, as the difference between the hot bottom and the cold edges makes it easy to stir the ingredients and find the exact cooking point. The wok can also be used for boiling and stir-frying. You can fry in the traditional way, with more oil, or you can stir-fry and use little oil. It can also be stewed and steamed.

Woks are now a regular feature on the menus of many of the best restaurants and most of the time they include vegetables. But there is still a lot to discover. Are you up for Wok cooking? Come and visit our shop and you will find several models.