Premium prawn bread

Premium prawn bread

Surely many of you already know it, as it is one of the star accompaniments in any oriental restaurant and leaves no one unsatisfied. This is prawn bread, also known as keporok or snack, cracker or prawn crackers. Kids love it and grown-ups love it as an ideal snack for a Japanese menu. Do you want to know more about it? 

In the last week, this has been one of the best-selling products. A prawn bread that is a must in an Asian restaurant. Prawn bread was introduced in our country many years ago through the oriental restaurant sector and is described as voluminous white (or coloured) crusts that serve as an appetizer. It is a light, crunchy ingredient with a mild flavour (far removed from the taste of prawns) due to both the raw material used to make it and the oil in which it is fried (neutral vegetable oil).

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Pan de gambas’ is a paste made from starch, usually extracted from cassava or potato, seafood or fish paste and water. The mixture of these ingredients is made into a paste which is shaped into a cylinder and then steamed, cut into discs and dried. When the prawn bread is fried, it doubles in size and takes on wavy and irregular shapes.

When frying the prawn bread (which, by the way, we recommend using olive oil to give it more of a prawn flavour), it is necessary to do so in plenty of oil and at a high temperature, but not at maximum. And above all, don’t get distracted for a moment because the prawn bread is done in a matter of seconds, and must be removed immediately from the oil by placing it on absorbent paper.

If you don’t want to waste too much time preparing it, you can find several versions of this prawn bread in our online shop. The first is the classic prawn bread, in white crusts, in packs of 200 g from the brand MODO. But we also have the version of coloured prawn bread, also in packs of 200 grams from MODO.