YUZU: Japan’s citrus fruit

YUZU: Japan’s citrus fruit

It looks like a lemon, but it’s not. It looks like a lime, but it isn’t. Maybe a mandarin? but it isn’t. It’s called Yuzu, and it’s a citrus fruit from the Orient. A ‘new’ food for many that has been making its way into our gastronomy for a year now, but is still little known in our country. Why haven’t we heard of it before? many of you will think. The main reason is that the harvesting season is very short and, being a product originally from Asia, it is not easy to import it fresh to our country. However, Oriental Market brings you several proposals that will allow you to enjoy its most original flavour. Do you want to know them?

It is an exotic citrus fruit grown in Japan (although its origin is in China). This Asian citrus fruit is characterised by its bitter texture and a flavour similar to grapefruit mixed with traces of a green mandarin. It stands out for its yellowish colour and the best season for its cultivation is November/December, when this fruit is at its peak. As for its nutritional properties, we can say that as a good citrus fruit, it is rich in vitamin C (even more than lemon) and antioxidants. For this reason, as well as being used in the kitchen, it is an essential ingredient in cleaning and health products, as well as for relaxing baths in which its great aroma takes precedence. But for us, it is all about cooking, so in order to bring this flavour to your recipes, we present here our products with yuzu:

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  • Soy sauce with yuzu. Soy sauce is an essential accompaniment to dishes such as sushi, salads or meats. In this sense, adding a touch of citrus to the sauce will allow you to flavour your dishes in a very special way. If instead of combining soy with yuzu, you prefer to opt for a 100% yuzu sauce, your product is: Otafuku’s yuzu sauce.
  • With a liquid texture but more refreshing and drinkable, this is the yuzu juice option we have in our shop. We have 3 different varieties: organic yuzu juice, classic yuzu juice and finally, yuzu juice in a 1.8 litre glass bottle, ideal for sharing with others.
  • For those who still don’t want to give up summer and are reluctant to give up good ice cream, an excellent option are the oriental yuzu-flavoured desserts. At Oriental Market we have two options: yuzu ice cream mochis or yuzu sorbet.
  • We mentioned earlier that one of the main characteristics of this citrus fruit is its intense aroma. And of course, we have collected a part of this aroma so that you can also enjoy it in the atmosphere of your home. How? With the MORNINGSTAR yuzu incense!

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