Best japanese restaurants in Valencia

Best japanese restaurants in Valencia

Although when we think of the gastronomy of “la terreta” we automatically think of a succulent paella, the truth is that the culinary offer that we can find in Valencia is very varied, and one of the most outstanding is, without a doubt, Japanese. Ramen, sushi, mochis, meat, yakisoba, udon… whatever your craving, in Valencia you will find a restaurant to enjoy the essence of Japan. And as among so many options it may be a little difficult to choose the one that best suits you, here is a small selection of our favourites:

List of the best Japanese restaurants in Valencia

To try a bit of everything: Nozomi Sushi Bar

Calle Pedro III El Grande, 11
Phone: 961487764

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Nozomi Sushi Bar presents a special tasting menu consisting of: miso soup or salad for starters, tempura or sashimi to accompany, tartar, usuzukuri, 8 pieces of nigiri, 1 temaki as the main course and a dessert of the kitchen’s choice. The restaurant provides an extensive Sake menu for lovers of the Asian drink who can enjoy it seated at an authentic Japanese sushi bar. Nozomi always looks for the best quality raw material, that’s why its menu is subject to market availability. It is an ideal place for a celebration or formal business event.

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Japanese-Brazilian fusion cuisine: Restaurant Kaikaya

Plaça de l’Ajuntament, 10
Telephone: 960 44 64 80

The Kaikaya restaurant is the result of the fusion between traditional Japanese cuisine and exotic Brazilian cuisine. Nikkei Nipo-Brazilian cuisine originated in 1908, when the ship Kasato Maru docked in the port of Santos, giving rise to the first Japanese in Brazil. Both gastronomies went through a process of adaptation and creativity until they acquired a unique fusion of flavours. Shiro-Gurin, Salve-Salve, Tuna Tataki or Ramen de churrasco de pato are some of the dishes you can try in this restaurant located in the centre of Valencia.

The best ramen in Valencia: Ryukishin

Calle Salamanca, 12
Telephone: 963236441

Japan is just around the corner! There is no better place to eat ramen than at Ryukishin restaurant in Valencia. Every day they cook their broths for hours to obtain an excellent Japanese dish. You can choose from five different ramen combinations, cooked according to tradition: the Shio Ramen, a lighter broth with vegetables, chicken pork, kombu seaweed and combined with bamboo, spinach and chives. Paitan Ramen, on the other hand, features a creamier broth made with vegetables and chicken. Miso Ramen is also a favourite for its aromatic, slightly spicy broth, not to mention Shoyu ramen for its savoury vegetable, chicken and pork broth. Finally, the restaurant also has a vegetarian option, the vegetarian Miso ramen, a 100% vegan and slightly spicy broth.

Awarded two Soles by the Repsol Guide and the Michelin dish: Komori.

Calle del General Gil Dolz, s/n
Hotel The Westin Valencia
Telephone: 960 011 755

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The restaurant directed by Hiromi Okura is located in the Hotel The Westin Valencia, offering a modernist and exclusive style for its customers. Komori was awarded two suns by the Repsol Guide and the Michelin plate. This status is reflected in its distinguished sushi bar and its Kabuki cuisine with Valencian touches, a menu prepared by chef Andrés Pereda. The Esgarraet de gindara or the Nigiri de anguila maresa are typical dishes of this fusion that reinforces the Valencian capital and maintains the Japanese philosophy.

The temple of mochi: Mochisan

Calle Martí l’Humà, 4
Telephone: 625 06 56 13

A bite of heaven! Mochis are a Japanese dessert made with mochigome glutinous rice, an elastic dough that melts in every bite. Inside are the most original fillings: oreos, strawberries, yuzu mousse, red fruit jam and biscuit, chocolate, pistachio… offering traditional and modern flavours. The Mochi-san artisans make all kinds of mochis and try to take care of the environment, leaving the smallest possible footprint. Their cuisine is committed to “take away” and sustainable responsibility. Their desserts are made without unnecessary artificial preservatives.

For the more carnivorous: Honoo

Calle Ernesto Ferrer, 14
Telephone: 961115393

The Honoo restaurant stands out for the quality of its raw materials, imported directly from Japan, and its speciality meat dishes such as entrecote or organic Wagyu steak, aged T-bone steak, black Angus or misozuke Iberian feather with seasonal Japanese vegetables. The head chef, Eduardo Espejo, was champion of the cooking competition with Chufa ecotur, for his Japanese and Valencian fusion, featuring the tiger nut as the main ingredient. Honoo’s dishes are among the most elaborate in the capital.

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Creative and avant-garde: Tobiko

Calle: De Boix, 6,
Telephone: 654816965

The aim of Tobiko’s cuisine is to give its customers a unique experience. In addition to using top quality ingredients, they prepare the most typical dishes of traditional Japanese cuisine in a very innovative way. Of course, their strong point is the presentation. One of the most striking examples is El Jardín Zen, a dessert that is inspired by this Buddhist concept and which perfectly replicates all the details: the sand, the rake, the stones… all created from delicious Japanese sweets. So if you are one of those people who “eat with your eyes”, you can’t miss it!

Japanese cuisine is becoming more and more popular and many people now dare to cook some dishes at home. In Oriental Market we sell directly to many restaurants in Valencia our products imported directly from Japan and you can buy them in our online shop so you can cook with all the flavour of Japan.

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