Nong Shim Noodles with PSY

Nong Shim Noodles with PSY

In recent months we have learned about the recent agreement between Nissin and Pastas Gallo for the launch of Soba in Spain. A new line of instant noodles that joins Gallina Blanca’s Yatekomo. Oriental Market, as the leading importer of instant noodles in Spain, has been part of this process at all times, receiving the trust of the original Nissin brand and betting jointly on the introduction of this fashionable Asian recipe in the West. What’s new?

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The main novelty is that Oriental Market will continue to offer all our customers Nissin and Ajinomoto instant noodles in their original version. In other words, the recipe is the authentic Asian recipe, without any kind of adaptation to the Western market. But also, as leaders in imports for Spain, Portugal and Andorra, we are pleased to introduce a new brand of instant noodles: Nong Shim. A brand with a top quality product that is now making a strong entry into our country. It also stands out for its important image campaign on the Asian continent thanks to the collaboration with the star of the well-known Gangnam Style, PSY. A brand of instant noodles currently number 1 in Korea, find it in our online shop!

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