A hot miso soup

A hot miso soup

With this cold weather, all we can think about is: What would I give for a nice, hot soup! And when the temperatures take us by surprise, we flee from the fridge to be near the cooker in our kitchen and prepare recipes like the one we propose this week. At Oriental Market, on days like this, we choose instant miso soups. 

Because they are a quick option that we can prepare in a few minutes at home or in the office, because they are a healthy recipe and because they allow us to enjoy oriental gastronomy as an ideal hot recipe for the autumn and winter season. In our shop you will find different varieties of miso soup, among which those of the premium brand S&B stand out: miso soup with tofu, red miso soup and white miso soup.

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Why is miso soup so popular and what are its main characteristics? Miso soup is a traditional Japanese recipe whose essential ingredient, and which gives its name to the recipe, is miso (flavoured soybean paste). The most common are the two types of miso, which are distinguished in our online shop. On the one hand there is Aka miso (red, strong and salty) or Shiro (white, mild and low in salt). Tofu is also an essential ingredient in miso soup, as are spring onions, leeks and wakame seaweed. Have you ever tried it? Which one do you like best?