Grilled asparagus in dashi broth recipe

Grilled asparagus in dashi broth recipe

This week, we bring you a largely familiar dish with an oriental twist. This is a dish made with delicious green asparagus, a type of asparagus that was introduced to Japan by the Dutch in the 18th century and was initially cultivated as an ornamental plant. However, the benefits of this foodstuff in the diet soon became apparent, and its use in cooking became increasingly popular. The asparagine they contain is transformed into an amino acid when digested, which promotes a healthy metabolism, providing energy for the body and keeping the skin healthy.

The following ingredients are needed to make this recipe: 20 asparagus spears (approximately one bunch), 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, 100 ml dashi stock and which you can prepare with bonito powder, 50 ml soy sauce  and 25 ml mirin.

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For preparation:

The stalks of this type of green asparagus have a natural breaking point when bent, so we can cut them with our hands and remove the hard lower parts. Each asparagus spear should be brushed with vegetable oil and then grilled (or, failing that, grilled) for approximately 10 minutes. Remember to turn them once so that they cook evenly. Meanwhile, mix the dashi stock (previously prepared with the bonito powder), soy sauce and mirin in a shallow dish. Next, we pass the asparagus through the dish of the mixture while they are still hot, so that they absorb the flavour of the dashi stock mixture. And finally… ready to serve!

What do you think of this Japanese recipe? Easy, but with a special flavour.

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