Made-to-measure slate tableware

Made-to-measure slate tableware

Do we already have all the ingredients we need to prepare our oriental menu for the day? Surely we do, but perhaps we are missing something? Possibly a good set of oriental tableware. Although so far in this blog we have been telling you about our novelties in oriental food products (new brands, premium products for Japanese cuisine or places of interest linked to some trendy ingredient of oriental cuisine), it is now that in Oriental Market we also want to discover other of our products linked to oriental gastronomy.

Oriental tableware is one of the most appreciated elements of Asian culture, for its delicacy, elegance and characteristic elements of its tradition that are drawn in each of its elements. Tableware that you can find in our shop. But this time we will go a little further and for this reason we present you our exclusive slate tableware. Dishes and trays with a modern, minimalist and elegant design, ideal for serving oriental dishes such as sushi and giving more prominence to the colours and shapes of the ingredients of oriental cuisine. In addition, at Oriental Market we offer the opportunity to have made-to-measure tableware, with plates and trays of different sizes according to the needs of each person. Don’t you know them yet? Come and visit us and check the quality of this range of trendy tableware.

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