Premium drinks for Christmas

Premium drinks for Christmas

Before eating, to accompany dessert, at the New Year’s toast or during one of those fantastic group lunches or dinners. With the arrival of Christmas, there are many who fill their pantries with the best of wines, a first-class champagne and a sweet liqueur to finish off the menu. Because we all want to celebrate the arrival of the New Year in style, with the best of company and sharing a unique moment with top quality products. In this sense, at Oriental Market, we have for you a wide range of premium drinks, with an oriental touch, with which you are sure to triumph this coming festive season.

One of the traditional drinks to accompany our menu is Sake, a Japanese alcoholic drink prepared from an infusion made from rice. In our shop you will find different varieties and among all of them we suggest the following: the 720 ml  Japanese Sake (Gekkeikan) 720 ml, the medium format Chung Ha Cold Sake or the large format Sake Baik Wah (1.8 litres), so that the whole family can enjoy this fantastic drink!

Our range of Plum, Cinnamon and Lychee Wines are also an excellent choice to accompany the menu. They come in a 200 ml bottle, from the Xin Xi brand. Fruity flavours ideal to accompany meat, how about trying one of these? Tip: this wine is also perfect to give a different touch to your dishes.

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And to round off a Christmas menu, what better way to end it than with a good liqueur. For this occasion we suggest a Korean Ginseng Liqueur, Mazongshe Liqueur, a fruity Lychees Liqueur, Cinnamon Liqueur (available in 750 ml or 500 ml format) or a top quality Whisky such as Nikka Blended or Nikka from the barrel. A perfect choice even as a gift for the host of the evening.

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But these are not the only ones, we also have a wide range of spirits and beers, or Lychee Champagne for the toast of the end of the year. Do you want to discover all the varieties? Visit the spirits section of our online shop, Happy Holidays!

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