Successful gluten-free products

Successful gluten-free products

One of the food categories, in which more and more brands are paying attention every year, is that of gluten-free products. Products suitable for people with coeliac disease that require certain essential characteristics, such as the absence of wheat, for example. Until now, the West’s lack of knowledge of all exotic gluten-free products has led many people with coeliac condition to avoid Asian cuisine. But this does not have to be the case.

Aware of this concern, Oriental Market decided last March to take part in the 1st International Gluten Free Fair in Spain. A perfect showcase to approach the public that is looking for food solutions and where we had the opportunity to physically show some of the products of the gluten-free oriental gastronomy, to offer an exclusive tasting and to explain the alternatives that many of our products offer in the daily kitchen. We have to say that our participation was a complete success and that there were three products that were the real stars: the gluten-free soy sauce from the Kikkoman brand, the nori seaweed snacks from the Konomi brand and the rice paper wafers.

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Gluten-free soy sauce

We have already talked about it in previous articles. Kikkoman soy sauce is one of the favourites among lovers of this type of condiment. The brand, aware of this need, decided to launch a specific gluten-free sauce that left no one indifferent at the Fair. It is a naturally gluten-free fermented sauce and, apart from the basic ingredients such as soya, water and salt, alcohol is added instead of wheat. You can find it in our online shop.

Nori seaweed snack

These original crunchy snacks stand out because they include nori seaweed as the main ingredient, with nutrients from marine plants. In addition to the more classic varieties, the KONOMI range of snacks includes special flavours from oriental gastronomy such as prawn tempura or wasabi. A snack with a taste of the sea, in strips format and very fragile and easy to eat.

Rice Paper

Rice paper. A perfect option widely used in oriental cuisine for the preparation of rolls, but also an excellent alternative in fusion cuisine to replace the traditional flour wafers. A large group of people with coeliac disease came to our stand interested in finding out about the varieties of this product that we have available.

Which one would you like to try?