Any red? Yes, please

Any red? Yes, please

At last we can say that bluefin tuna has finally made its way into the kitchens of our country, and it is here to stay. Many restaurants (not only specific to Asian cuisine) have already included it on their menus and are working with it to create delicatessen recipes that surprise all diners. Do you want to know more about this ingredient? what are its main characteristics? and where can we taste it?

Bluefin tuna is a delicious blue fish that is highly sought after by the Japanese market for sushi or sashimi. It is a fish that can be found in some small corners of our world and which stands out especially for its flavour and texture, as well as for its many nutritional benefits. To begin with, it has a high content of B vitamins, as well as fibre and protein. It is also very rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which prevent the onset of cardiovascular diseases, and has a high triglyceride content, which helps to control blood cholesterol. But… what is there beyond its nutritional particularities? Bluefin tuna is undoubtedly known for a specific preparation technique (which is well known to “grumblers”) and a long list of tasty recipes that do not go unnoticed. So let’s take it step by step:

The “ronqueo” technique: this is the name given to the ritual of cutting fresh bluefin tuna. A technique that owes its name to the sound the knife makes when it enters the tasty flesh of this fish. A meticulous tradition of oriental cuisine that can be a real spectacle. It happens when the “ronqueador” makes several cuts in the tuna’s loins to extract juicy, bright red pieces. These different pieces, or parts of the tuna, are suitable for a different type of preparation. For example, the meat around the bones is perfect for preparing a tartar, while the loins are ideal for a delicious tataki. If you want to see how this ronqueo is done, we recommend this video.

Where can you enjoy it? In many restaurants. One example is Bacira, a restaurant located in the Chamberí neighbourhood (Madrid). One of the star recipes is the spicy tuna with avocado, wakame seaweed and pink grapefruit. And if you like mango, we recommend their tuna tataki with coas coas, mango chutnet and piparras. Exotic recipes ready for any restaurant customer to enjoy the original flavour of bluefin tuna.

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