Expositores Oriental Market

Expositores Oriental Market

As specialists in oriental food and experts in providing a personalised service to all our customers, at Oriental Market we offer you the best solution for making the most of Asian products at the point of sale. Tailor-made displays that include in an organised way all the novelties in oriental food of our best brands. A more eye-catching and original way of making a quality product and all the necessary information for its application in the kitchen available to consumers.

Our customers now have the opportunity to have a totally personalised oriental corner with a wide variety of the most outstanding products of fusion cuisine (West and East). Our suggestion? An assortment of basic products with the star ingredients of each country on the Asian continent:

  • China: oyster sauce, hoisin sauce, rice noodles, PRB soy sauce, tsingtao beer, prawn bread, shitake mushrooms, soy noodles, lychees, sesame oil, chopped bamboo.
  • Japan: wasabi tube, pink ginger, nori seaweed, sushi vinegar, teriyaki sauce, yakitori sauce, kikkoman soy sauce, yakisoba sauce, soba nissin cup noodles, sushi rice, miso soup. Dried udon noodles, sakes, Sapporo beer.
  • Korea: Panko, cold sake, soju, nong shim noodles, fresh udon, tempura flour, Taekanoi seaweed snacks, flavoured mochis, Jia jia shan litre soy sauce.
  • Thailand: Coconut milk, chicken chilli sauce, curry paste, wasabi peanuts, jasmine rice, sesame seed.
  • Indochina: Indonesian noodles, rice paper, mango chutney, sriracha hot sauce, ajinomoto, fish sauce.

In any case, this is only a recommended composition. At Oriental Market we have more than 5,000 references in the system. There is also the possibility to compose the products at your own discretion. Do you want to know the conditions for each exhibitor? We will be pleased to offer you the best tailor-made solution: tel 935.350.490 or through our mail  info@orientalmarket.es


This new display is made of metal and vinyl to keep the structure firm and to support all the product that is included inside. The images used as vinyl reinforce some of the classic dishes of Asian gastronomy and its measurements are: 1850 mm (height) x 600 (width) x 460 mm (depth).

expositores de Oriental Market