The premium taste of Japan

The premium taste of Japan

In Oriental Market … we have news! We are talking about two new premium brands of products for Japanese cuisine: S&B and OTAFUKU. On the shelves of our official shops in Madrid and Barcelona, as well as in our online shop, you can find a wide range of quality products from both brands, ranging from soy sauces and miso soups to the most exclusive spices and condiments/strong> for the preparation of your recipes. Some of the most outstanding products are the following 3:

  • Okonomi sauce, 300 ml. This is a sauce made from fruit and vegetables, with a sweet and light flavour ideal for adding to the traditional Japanese omelette and is known as Okonomiyaki. You can also use it to season salads, vegetables or noodles, among others. Find it here.
  • Sushi vinegar, 500 ml. An excellent option for one of the star recipes of Japanese cuisine. OTAFUKU sushi vinegar stands out for including the following basic ingredients: water, rice vinegar, sugar and salt. You can find this variety of vinegar here
  • Wasabi in tube, 43 gr. An excellent option to prepare your nigiri, maki or any wasabi sauce. You can find it in our online shop, as well as the variety of wasabi powder, also from the brand S&B. Both new brands of products for Japanese cuisine are designed to offer a unique taste of first quality comparable to the dishes of the best restaurants. Find in this way the easiest and fastest way to have the star ingredients of this cuisine in just one click!
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